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It is the emblematic dish of the brasseries. Alsacian choucroute is formed with fermented (during 3 weeks) shredded white cabbage. It is served with sausages of Stasbourg and smoked meat (pork chops or belly).

At the origin, he was served in Paris after 1870 after the defeat of Napoelon III against Bismark and its prussians soldiers by Alsacians people who didn’t want to live in a Reich. So they founded renowned brasseries as Lipp, Zimmer, Wepler.
It’s very appreciated in winter. In certain brasseries the meat is replaced with fish like Wepler. The sea choucroute is served with salmon and haddock.

Sea choucroute served at l’Européen brasserie in front of Gare de Lyon, the cabbage is rolled in the fish


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