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Andouillette is a classic dish proposed on the menus of the bistros of Paris. It’s a dish made from the parts of the tripes of pork. Its flavour comes from all the added ingredients notably flavourings spices, condiments, wine or alcohol varied according to the recipe.
The most famous Andouillettes come from the town of Troyes. The best are those that are labelised with the sign “AAAAA” (Association amicale des amateurs d’andouillette authentique which means Friendly association of genuine andouillette lovers).

It guarantees their hand made fabrication and a delicious taste. Andouillettes can be served grilled, or accompanied with a sauce. Fot the wine, generaly, they are perfect with dry white wine as Chablis or Sancerre. They are often served with french fries.

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