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Ma Bourgogne


On the superb “Place des Vosges”, Ma Bourgogne is one of a most famous wine’s bistro of Paris. You just can’t miss it, especially when wandering along the arcades of the well known Place.

There’s always been a café there, right there in the Place des Vosges,ever since the end of 18th century. Ma Bourgogne happens to be one of theses archetypal « Bistros parisiens », heart and soul of a whole neighborhood.  There, a special ambiance and a mix between country flavoured cooking and more adventurous dishes, attracts both tourists and the old regular customers of « Le Marais ».

Wines served at Ma Bourgogne come from small producers and have been selected by Aimé Cougoureux, the boss who is run the Café for over 35 ans with his wife Thérèse. He has been working with them for decades. Try the silky Morgon cru Beaujolais or the fresh and white sancerre from the Dezat family perfect with fish.

At Ma Bourgogne you can eat with relish all the various dishes from Auvergne: like stuffed cabbage, tripous (sheep’s feet stuffed and folded up in pieces of sheep’s stomach), and of course sausages and hams. All are made by local producers and directly coming from Aveyron.
Ma Bourgogne prides itself mostly over its renowned Tartar of beef. You ask it and he chops the meat before you– right away, and Aimé fixes it himself, unless you prefer preparation of his wife, Thérèse.

Don’t speak to Aimé Cougoureux about the quality of products : he’ll ask for perfection. Who else would be the first on the market of Rungis devoted for professionals, at dawn, to pick up the best products, from wild strawberries to delicatessen, and tomatoes, and meats and… Aimé believes in freshness. Every now and then, you’ll find him in the kitchen, hulling peas, peeling beans, whatever, he’s your man.

Ma Bourgogne

19, place des Vosges
75004 Paris
Phone : 01 42 78 44 64

Open 7 days/week
from noon to 3 PM
and from 8 PM to 1.30 PM

Reserve by email

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